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Green Talk: How to Build Thriving Communities

We want healthy, comfortable and affordable homes—but that’s not all. We want thriving communities. Why, then, are co-housing, co-living, cottage communities, intentional communities, ecovillages and other types of values-based development so rare? Can we do more?

At Green Canopy Homes, we believe in a future where communities are resilient and inclusive. We build homes, but it doesn’t start there. We cultivate a company culture that increases capacity, efficiency, trust, and transparency in order to help foster healthy relationships and environments.

Sam will share joyful and painful stories from Green Canopy’s journey to help create thriving communities. Topics in this short Ted Talk-style lecture will include: culture building, market dynamics, placemaking, master planning, community engagement, net zero energy, and a tiny bit about tiny homes.

Later Event: September 13
Networking Break