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Bridging Innovation and Affordability: How to Build the Greenest House Possible Without Compromising on Aesthetics or Breaking the Bank

Green building and innovation are often seen to be at odds with building a home at a market rate price. That doesn't have to be true, as the case study from this new construction project shows, which recently became Seattle's second ever Built Green certified home to reach the very ambitious Emerald Star level.

When builder Ted Clifton Jr. from TC Legend Homes met with aspiring homeowners Andri Kofmehl and Veena Prasad, they embarked on a journey to create a home that would push the boundaries of green building while costing no more than a regular new construction home. In this session, you will hear about the many decisions they made and the trade-offs between costs and benefits. How do you design for efficiency in space, energy, and cost? How do you balance aesthetics with a form-follows-function philosophy? How do you build a home that factors in the owners' values and desires while keeping things practical and affordable? What things can you shed and what is essential? And how do you justify spending $30,000 on a rainwater harvesting system?

Green homes will be the future if they are better and no more expensive than conventional ones—a challenging, but feasible quest!

Earlier Event: September 13
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