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Using Data to Transform the Market

Last year Jon, Dan, and Emily presented on how the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has collected data and used it to move markets forward. This year, the team will build upon that history to include how current and future efforts can enable programs, builders, stakeholders, and interested third parties to work together to keep momentum moving towards a more energy-efficient future that supports policy and regulatory goals. We’ll achieve this by asking some key questions and proposing ways to work together.

How do we use data to formalize a regional performance path framework that allows any utility or home certification program to accurately capture savings or stay a fixed percent better than code? How can builders, architects, programs, and consultants contribute to this formalization and development? NEEA's BetterBuiltNW (BBNW) Program, here in the Northwest, has been collecting data since its inception in 2004. In this session, attendees will hear how the data collected is used in various ways to support regional goals.

In addition, the BBNW team will discuss how the stakeholders in the room can both contribute to and learn from data collection on high-performance homes. From one angle, the program supports best practices and works with stakeholders on how best to achieve energy savings, and we'll discuss how that can influence code advancement. From another angle, the program looks at transforming the market for above-code homes and can identify both how far we've come and showcase market transformation success stories. Finally, the session will tackle what data our presenters recommend collecting to demonstrate success in your new construction program or from the homes you build, as well as share recommended practices that could be applied to above-code construction across the country.