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Density Done Right

As King County balances the need for 156,000 affordable homes, an effort is being made regarding the need for community-based development that works against displacement and promotes specific community needs. Displacement has been cultural, economic, and systemic. Underpinning this is the underproduction of affordable housing. This session will address the need for higher density and how it can be achieved sustainably and equitably.

The affordable housing experts in the urban built environment movement often advocate for “density done right.” But what exactly does that look like and how specifically can the planning of housing options support vibrant communities? How do we develop while minimizing displacement? How can the integration of new housing center equity, sustainability, and livability in rapidly changing cities? How do we stand firm on the values that promote both scale and local accountability amid a growing need for safe, healthy, and affordable housing? Those aren’t rhetorical questions meant to have you throwing your hands into the air out of frustration. There are solutions and leaders with the will to fight for them.