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Successful Air Barriers—Today, Tomorrow, and in Your Future

Uncontrolled air flow into and out of buildings is a major challenge facing structures themselves, the industry, and clients. By affecting the flow of moisture, contaminants, and energy between our living/working spaces and the outside world, air barrier implementation affects building durability, energy needs, and comfort. The industry sees this. The building science community knows this—the code developments teams are working to incorporate the possibilities—and we as practitioners are upping our game in order to meet the collective challenge.

Starting with an overview of the current air barrier implementation in Washington state, the session will review how jurisdictions and code mandates demand we improve. Following, the panelists will address the methodologies and systems which have seen wide success, as well as localized problem solving. Finally, the panelists will discuss the potential strategies for meeting the increasingly strict energy code requirements, as well as the supportive measures taken by the air barrier industry.

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