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Daring Reality Keynote—Permacity

Julie Willem and Sebastian Moreno-Vacca of A2M Architects, Brussels and Future Proof Design, New York City will discuss their concept of “permacity,” which applies the notion of permaculture to the design of cities. The idea is to shape the city as a forest: the more it grows and flourishes, the more it nurtures and improves the environment. In a word, instead of exhausting it, “permacity” regenerates the environment.

Since it was founded in 2000, A2M has worked toward a goal of making the world more livable by championing quality contemporary architecture with high environmental value. Their architectural firm has expertise in passive, sustainable, zero energy, and carbon-neutral building.

This keynote presentation will discuss the use of software tools like Grasshopper and Rhino to parametrically design ultra-high-performance buildings. This unprecedented and integrated approach internalizes the most advanced simulation tools. Julie and Sebastian will show how this integration works in their practice and illustrate with examples of their completed work